The Development Bank of Namibia provides finance for viable enterprises and sustainable initiatives that contribute measurably to the development of Namibia.

dbn activities

Guided by the conviction that our successes are resources for future generations, we take the long term view, and provide finance for enterprises and initiatives that will make a difference for years to come.

The Bank provides the following types of finance for manufacturing enterprises:

SME term loans

Start-up and expansion of small and medium enterprises.

  • Minimum: N$ 150,000

SME contract based finance

Finance to enable SMEs to fulfill contracts or tenders. Contract or tender income is accepted as collateral as well as assets acquired using DBN finance.

  • Minimum: N$ 150,000

The same facility is also available for corporate clients, requiring amounts between N$ 3 million and N$ 120 million.


Factoring provides an advance on slow-paying invoices, allowing the affected company / business  to meet expenses while waiting for invoices to get paid.

  • Minimum: N$ 150,000

Franchise finance

New enterprises using existing business systems. Expansion of enterprises using existing businesses.

  • Minimum: N$ 5,000,000

Enterprise development finance

Funding under this product is availed to finance the start-up
and / or expansion of business  enterprises involved in various sectors of the economy, among others:  agro-industry, fishing, ICT, manufacturing, mining, services, tourism and transport.

  • Minimum: N$ 5 million.

Project finance

Project finance is a funding structure used for ring-fenced business projects and without recourse to the promoters of the business. The loan is repaid from revenue streams generated by the project.

  • Minimum: N$ 5 million.


The DBN may subscribe to the ordinary share capital in a company with a minimum share of N$ 3 million.

Preference share capital

Preference share capital includes elements of equity and debt funding, including cumulative preference shares, participating preference shares, convertible preference shares and / or redeemable preference shares.

Installment sale financing

DBN, on behalf of the client, purchases equipment that is bonded to the Bank until final repayment.


DBN provides a guarantee to a third party, typically an employer, in a construction project or supplier / customer in a trading transaction.


Usually the Bank requires an owners’ contribution of 30% for new ventures, while 100% loans may be made to existing businesses, provided that certain financial ratios are met. The Bank requires collateral and / or third party guarantees to secure its resources. Collateral may differ according to the nature and risk of the project.

For further information and the relevant application forms, contact the DBN Lending Department.