The Development Bank of Namibia provides finance for viable enterprises and sustainable initiatives that contribute measurably to the development of Namibia.

dbn activities

Guided by the conviction that our successes are resources for future generations, we take the long term view, and provide finance for enterprises and initiatives that will make a difference for years to come.

Structured finance on a non and limited recourse basis to private entities setting up new ventures or seeking to expand; in all productive sectors of the economy.

Sector identification

Agro-industry, fishing, ICT, manufacturing, mining, services, tourism, transport


  • Viable start-up business
  • Expansion of existing business
  • Promoters with good track record

Financing options

  • Loans
  • Subordinated debt/mezzanine financing.
  • 30% minimum own contribution for start-up projects and up to 100% debt finance for expansions, so long as a company's debt : equity ratio is less than 60 : 40 after financing, otherwise DBN may require sponsor contributions.
  • Current minimum of N$ 3 million.


Collateral is determined on a project by project basis, taking into account risks involved and credit rating score assigned.

Minimum amount

N$ 5,000,000

Repayment period

Maximum 10 years

Interest rate

  • Determined on a project by project basis.
  • Interest can be capitalised during the grace period.

Grace period

Tailored to the construction and ramp up of the project.