The Development Bank of Namibia provides finance for viable enterprises and sustainable initiatives that contribute measurably to the development of Namibia.

dbn activities

Guided by the conviction that our successes are resources for future generations, we take the long term view, and provide finance for enterprises and initiatives that will make a difference for years to come.

On the basis of its successes and robust governance mechanisms, the Bank has earned the respect of its peers in the financial industry. Today, the Development Bank of Namibia sits at the centre of a network of partnerships with leading local, regional and international financial and donor organisations, acting as an external agency for fund administration and development initiatives.

DBN's emphasis on the principle of partnership affirms its resolve to foster economic growth and widen the scope of development opportunities through collective endeavour.

Individually, the Bank can simply not make a difference. Its focus on syndicated financing arrangements, which is in line with the decision to complement, and not compete with traditional financing establishments, underscores the DBN's commitment to partnership.

Besides collaborating with an extensive range of Namibian and international partners, DBN concluded formal partnership arrangements with the following institutions: